Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Class Presentation: "2nd to 3rd Wave Feminism"

Here are some rough Presentation notes from one seminar section this week, on the enjoyable characterisation of Bridget Jones's mother, set in terms of 2nd-to-3rd Wave Feminism (feminism to postfeminism.)

  • Bridget Jones’s diary, and the presence of matriarchy.
    There are clear elements of second and third wave feminism in this book, in some way corroborated by the actions of her mother. At the end it is obvious that Bridget is subject to matriarchy in this novel.
  • Second wave feminism is present as the novel focuses on a career girl not quite happy with her position in life. However, this can be attributed to popular culture. She reads Marie Claire and is a product of cosmopolitan culture: indicated the text itself as failing: i.e. Bridget's mother leaves her father for "Julio"--unfulfilled; takes up a career as a tv presenter as clear sign that married life has not fulfilled her.
  • Third wave feminism is felt by the presence of Bridget’s friend Tom, and by the celebration of sexuality, by both Bridget and her mother.
  • Ideal feminine essentials are opposed by 3rd Wave Feminsm. At the end of the novel, her mother smoking, p. 262 indicates that her mother also lacks the feminine ideal. Once again her mother backs up 3rd wave feminism.
  • Thus, Bridget's mother’s actions place Bridget within a matriarchal society.

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