Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Video article, The Times of London, a propos Bridget Jones.

Ahead of the upcoming lectures on Bridget Jones's Diary, have a read and view of this article and video interview under the title "Chivalry is dead, long live Chivalry."
Figures arrived at yesterday by dating website Dating would seem to suggest that some remnants of old fashioned male charm may still linger within the UK. Well, at least they do if you ask British men themselves. Of the 1,000 UK adult males polled, over half (56 per cent) said they ‘enjoy’ picking up the bill after dinner and over a third (34 per cent) say they will frequently defend a woman’s honour. Frequently? Are we talking fisticuffs or pistols at dawn? I am embarrassed to confess that I fall into the lily-livered 66 per cent, who would rather shuffle off quietly than take matters outside when my lady’s virtue is at issue. Perhaps that is why I am presently single. The most surprising statistic of all however was that 13 per cent of men still stand up when a lady enters or leaves the room. Who are these people? Liars I presume. I don’t believe 13 per cent of the population stands to give their seat to an elderly person on public transport, let alone to herald the entrance of a female to a room.

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