Monday, June 2, 2008

More on Sex and the City

Interesting article, relevant to our Course themes, on the current indecorously-titled (and, I would hazard, constructed) motion picture Sex and the City in the popular centre-left journal The writer co-relates the immense popularity of the motion picture among the same (female) demographic as support Hillary Clinton's bid for the candidacy of the Democrat party in the United States.
By weird coincidence, during the same weekend when Sex and the City demonstrated women's unprecedented consumer clout at the multiplex, Hillary Clinton's campaign developed its death rattle. Clinton's campaign has enjoyed strong support among older white women. Sex and the City's audience, meanwhile, in addition to skewing heavily female, skews old (at least by moviegoing standards): 80 percent of the opening-weekend audience was over 25....Hillary's white-female shock troops are probably older than Sex and the City's white-female shock troops, but remember that Clinton's support among white women of all ages is quite substantial; a recent Gallup poll indicated that white female voters of all ages favor Clinton in a Clinton-John McCain matchup but McCain in an Obama-McCain matchup. Put all these numbers together and one gets the feeling that a Venn diagram would yield a good-sized proportion of white women who were both Sex and the City fans and Clinton voters.

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