Monday, July 14, 2008

Jean Brodie & her Flashing Eyes

The following useful note comes from classicist classfellow N.B., to whom I am grateful:
"Miss Brodie forced her brown eyes to flash as a meaningful acompaniment to her quiet voice. She looked a mighty woman with her dark Roman profile in the sun." (6)"[Miss Brodie's] eyes flashed, her nose arched proudly, her hair was still brown, and coiled matriarchally at the nape of her neck." (124) The description of Miss Brodie's eyes flashing, particularly in conjunction with her "dark Roman profile" and "matriarachally" coiled hair, brings tomind the Roman goddesses- Juno and Diana (Hera and Athena in Greek mythology). Whenever they are angered they are commonly attributed "flashing eyes" or "eyes flashing in anger."
This image seems to strengthen the allusion of Miss Brodie as a god-like figure, as well as emphasize the power- or at least potential for power- that she holds over the Brodie set.

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