Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Shut Up Steve"

Here is the link to the Cheerios commercial seen in lecture courtesy of classfellow N.B.
(N.b. I am not responsible for the YouTube commentators....)

More: from N.B., on Peter Pan (and with an added "random" sighting bonus.)
This is sort of a random thought, but I was watching the Disney version of Peter Pan last night on TV and I was struck by two of our course themes running rampant throughout. The first is of course the idea of the dueling matriarchs- Tinkerbell and Wendy- and the second is the idea of performative masculinity- Mr.Darling and Peter Pan. For some reason the whole time during the movie I kept thinking about all the scenes that would exemplify these course themes perfectly. As an example of the dueling matriarchs: when Peter Pan first decides to bring Wendy back to Never-Never land with him, Tinkerbell goes nuts and has the Lost Boys attempt to shoot her down. Peter is bringing them back a"mother" for them, which the movie explicitly states. For the part of performative masculinity: In the beginning scenes of the movie, Mr. Darling is very angry at both Wendy and Nana (the nurse dog) and tells the whole family that it will be Wendy's last night in the nursery and Nana must sleep outside. Then when both he and Nana are shown to be hurt, the whole family runs to make sure the dog is okay, leaving Mr.Darling to fend for himself. He has not done what the women want him to do. At the end of the movie, Mr.Darling is shown to lead Nana back inside and to tell his wife and Wendy that he did not mean what he said, and she of course can stay in the nursery, and so can Nana. This makes the two women very happy and they show him by hugging him and showing the affection he would have received at the start of the movie had he done what they wanted.It seems so funny to me that now I notice these themes everywhere- even in a Disney movie!

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